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Name:The Final Fantasy Archive
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A place to find fanfiction, fanart, icons, fanmixes, etc. for the Final Fantasy series

What Is [community profile] final_fantasy_archive?

[community profile] final_fantasy_archive is intended to be an archive for fannish things related to the Final Fantasy series. We welcome all canons, pairings, characters, and genres. Fic, art, icons, essays, fanmixes, remixes of the soundtracks, wallpapers - if you made it, we'd love for you to share it!

Crossovers are welcome, but at least one of the fandoms involved must be a Final Fantasy game, anime, manga or movie. Kingdom Hearts does not count for this purpose. Vagrant Story does, because it is part of the Ivalice Alliance. (You are also welcome to post any Vagrant Story-related fanworks here.)

What Are The Rules?


Multiple Fics
We encourage you to post as much of your work here as you'd like. However, in the interests of not clogging up the reading list of our watchers, we ask that if you will be posting a large number of short fics (say, a dozen drabbles), that you consolidate these into a single post.

Ownership of Work
You may only post your own fanworks to the community. The sole exception to this is that we do welcome recommendations posts, but they must be clearly labeled as such (please see the notes below on titles, headers, and tags.)

Please make use of the subject line. A format like the following is good: [fanwork type] Title or Description Some examples would be: "[fic] Every Light Casts A Shadow," "[icons] Cloud and Sephiroth," or "[fanmix] Visions in Shadow (Seifer/Ultimecia)." A moderator will comment to request that you update your subject line if you leave it blank or if it is particularly uninformative. Some examples of uninformative subject lines: "new fic," "icons," or "oooh shiny!"

Every post to the community must have a header. Sample headers follow, but at the barest minimum, your header MUST include a title (or very short description, if you are doing icons or something else that wouldn't be titled), canon*, characters and/or pairings/ships involved, rating, and summary. Additional things can be added at your discretion, such as warnings, wordcount, etc.

*If your canon has multiple parts, such as the Final Fantasy VII Compilation, please specify which part you're using - OGC, Dirge of Cerberus, etc.

All information in the header must be safe for work and rated no higher than PG. This means no words for or images of naughty body parts and no language you could not have in a Disney animated film. If you are not sure, please err on the side of caution. We want our readers to have the option of saving the adult content for later.

If your post does not contain a header, your entire entry will be placed under a cut-tag by the moderators until such time as it has been edited to include one.

Sample Headers
Click here for a listing of sample headers by fanwork type.

Multi-Chapter Works
When posting a multi-chaptered work, the moderators recommend that you provide links back to previous chapters. (This allows new readers to get caught up, and allows those of us who have terrible memories to remember what is happening.) You may do this in one of two ways:

1) You may make an index post to the community (either when beginning to post your fic or at a later date) that contains a list of the chapters, in order. You are responsible for updating this post each time you post a new chapter. The tag "!multi-chapter index post" is available for such posts.

2) You may choose to put links to previous chapters in the header of your subsequent chapter posts. If you do this, please place the chapter-list under a cut tag. (You could also link to an external site, such as, where the older chapters are archived.)

You are not required to do this - the moderators will not nag you, and your posts will not be automatically put under a cut-tag if you don't. However, it has been the moderators' experience that people are more willing to pick up a new, longer fic if they can go back and easily find what came before!

Cut Tags - Not Optional!
Everything in your post that is not the header MUST be under a cut-tag unless you are linking to another post. If you are making an icon post, you may place up to three icons outside the cut as "teasers," but the rest must be under a cut. All fics, fanmixes, and art should go under a cut. If you are posting art, you may put a "teaser" or "preview" of no more than 200x200 pixels, which MUST be G-rated.

Off-Community Links
You may either post your work to the comm directly, or with a link to your journal. Either is fine with us, but if you link externally, the link MUST NOT go to a protected entry. If it does, the mods will put your link under a cut-tag with an appropriate note.

Reasonable Behaviour
Please behave civilly at all times. We understand that people are not going to agree on everything - that's part of what makes fandom an interesting and diverse place. However, we will not tolerate flames (unsubstantiated personal attacks), trolling, etc.

We welcome constructive criticism, but please do be constructive. Don't just tear someone else's fanwork down; offer suggestions for improvement. If the poster has requested in hir header that sie not receive critique, please honour that request.

We welcome all pairings and all types of relationships in our fanworks. If something is not to your taste, please do not read it just to leave nasty commentary because it was not your cup of tea.


The moderators will be preparing a list of tags for you to use when posting. Please tag your own posts from the options provided. If the tag you need does not exist, please let a moderator know, and we will create the tag and add it to your post. If you do not tag your posts, please be aware that this probably means people will not be able to find your work later, and that would be sad.

Some examples of the tag structure follow. Please note that all pairings, ships, threesomes, etc. will be listed only in alphabetical order of the participants. We will not maintain separate tags for Locke/Celes and Celes/Locke, for example. There will be separate tags for all of the Cids so that you can hunt for the Cid from a particular game. :)

Because of the limits on numbers of tags, we will not have a specific tag for each author.

Examples of Tagging
!admin: mod post
!fanwork: icons
!advertisement: challenge
!advertisement: rp
fandom: final fantasy vii dirge of cerberus
ship: auron/lulu
character: yuffie


Your advertisement may be posted only once. (For communities that run a monthly or quarterly challenge, you may post once for each new round of the challenge.) Any advertisement that includes a banner or other image must be placed under a cut tag. You do not need to ask permission from the mods to post an advertisement, but we WILL check to see if your community, challenge, or RP has been advertised previously.

Please do not use sparkly or blinking text in your advertisements. It can make it very difficult for those with visual impairments to read.

Questions or Problems

If you have a question about a rule, or if you are having a problem with another member, please contact the moderators - [personal profile] lassarina and [personal profile] seventhe. We will respond to your query as swiftly as we can, but please do be aware that the moderators do have lives (and jobs) outside of the Internet and it may take several hours before a moderator can get back to you.
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